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SMS Marketing and Mobile Messaging Delivery

SMS Messaging Enabler

SMS Marketing Enabled by™. We make mobile marketing, alerting, and content distribution personal and high-touch. Contact your clients and customers like never before. Use mobile phones and devices to effectively reach your target market. Build effective mobile programs to promote your business's products or services by creating strong calls to action. Experience improved customer conversions, sales, and profits.

Mobile Marketing Products™ Media has created a suite of highly effective, very affordable SMS Messaging products designed for smooth implementation into existing business systems. These products allow a company to maximize the power of mobile messaging from an ASP level. We want to expedite your ability to market or notify customers of special offers or other important information to leverage mobile communications. Browse our mobile messaging product suite.

Mobile Marketing Solutions

These days, everyone carries a mobile device. Why not use those devices to reach your customer?

Current SMS Messaging technology allows users to connect and receive information anytime and anywhere.™  is able to harness that mobile technology to reach a valuable customer base for clients seeking deep personalized target market penetration. Companies are able to reach their customers quickly and provide them with valuable options, inviting the customer to act towards a conversion. The personal touch leaves customers feeling cared for and important.™ designs marketing campaigns in such a way that clients can offer something of value to their customers so they don't feel bombarded with spam-like impressions. Marketing to mobile devices with personal, valuable messages is the method to increase ad-spend conversion rates, resulting in a higher ROI.

Mobile Alerts

Whether it be an emergency situation or another type of urgent message™ can deliver for your organization. Bulk SMS Message blasts can be sent to many users or one-off alerts can be distributed.

Mobile Content Distribution

Products and services are becoming more available on mobile devices. Web content, search capabilities, mapping capabilities, etc. are all moving to mobile media.™ makes it possible for companies to move their services, products, and sales to mobile formats reaching millions of users.

Need to ratchet up your business to the next level? Leverage the power of mobile marketing and let™ serve as your gateway.

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